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Interactive Icon Cloud

Interactive Icon Cloud

An interactive 3D tag cloud component


Copy and paste the following code into your project.

npm i react-icon-cloud
"use client";
import { useTheme } from "next-themes";
import { useEffect, useMemo, useState } from "react";
import {
} from "react-icon-cloud";
export const cloudProps: Omit<ICloud, "children"> = {
  containerProps: {
    style: {
      display: "flex",
      justifyContent: "center",
      alignItems: "center",
      width: "100%",
      paddingTop: 40,
  options: {
    reverse: true,
    depth: 1,
    wheelZoom: false,
    imageScale: 2,
    activeCursor: "default",
    tooltip: "native",
    initial: [0.1, -0.1],
    clickToFront: 500,
    tooltipDelay: 0,
    outlineColour: "#0000",
    maxSpeed: 0.04,
    minSpeed: 0.02,
    // dragControl: false,
export const renderCustomIcon = (icon: SimpleIcon, theme: string) => {
  const bgHex = theme === "light" ? "#f3f2ef" : "#080510";
  const fallbackHex = theme === "light" ? "#6e6e73" : "#ffffff";
  const minContrastRatio = theme === "dark" ? 2 : 1.2;
  return renderSimpleIcon({
    size: 42,
    aProps: {
      href: undefined,
      target: undefined,
      rel: undefined,
      onClick: (e: any) => e.preventDefault(),
export type DynamicCloudProps = {
  iconSlugs: string[];
type IconData = Awaited<ReturnType<typeof fetchSimpleIcons>>;
export default function IconCloud({ iconSlugs }: DynamicCloudProps) {
  const [data, setData] = useState<IconData | null>(null);
  const { theme } = useTheme();
  useEffect(() => {
    fetchSimpleIcons({ slugs: iconSlugs }).then(setData);
  }, [iconSlugs]);
  const renderedIcons = useMemo(() => {
    if (!data) return null;
    return Object.values(data.simpleIcons).map((icon) =>
      renderCustomIcon(icon, theme || "light"),
  }, [data, theme]);
  return (
    // @ts-ignore
    <Cloud {...cloudProps}>

⚠️ Warning

Avoid using the IconCloud component in parent components where the component interacts with hooks or undergoes frequent state changes. Such interactions may lead to unexpected behavior, such as continuous spinning. Consider creating a separate component for the section of your application that utilizes hooks or undergoes frequent state changes in parent component.



Displays a dynamic cloud of icons from the Simple Icons library based on provided slugs.

iconSlugsstring[]An array of icon slugs corresponding to the icons you want to display. Each slug should match a supported icon from the Simple Icons library.


There are a number of options for modifying the way the cloud looks and behaves. Go to to see the list of all available options for your cloud.

canvasPropsHTMLAttributes < HTMLCanvasElement > | undefinedAttributes that will be passed to the underlying canvas element
childrenTag[][]Tags rendered using the provided renderers
containerPropsHTMLAttributes < HTMLDivElement > | undefinedAttributes passed to the root div element
idstring | number | undefineduuidShould be provided when using SSR
maxSpeedint0.04To adjust the rotation speed in idle state
minSpeedint0.02To adjust the rotation speed when hovering
dragControlbooleanfalseEnable or disable the ability to drag and interact with the icon cloud.
dragThresholdnumber4The number of pixels that the cursor must move to count as a drag instead of a click.
decelnumber0.95Deceleration rate when mouse leaves canvas.
freezeDecelbooleanfalseWhether to freeze the cloud when dragging stops.


Used to create a tag for the Cloud component

aPropsHTMLAttributes < HTMLAnchorElement > | undefinedAttributes passed to the underlying anchor element
bgHexstring | undefined'#fff'The string hex of the background the icon will be rendered on. Ex: '#fff'. Used to determine if the min contrast ratio for the icons default color will be met
fallbackHexstring | undefined'#000'The color of the icon if the minContrastRatio is not met Ex: '#000'
iconanyundefinedThe simple icon object you would like to render. Ex: import icon from "simple-icons/icons/javascript";
imgPropsHTMLAttributes < HTMLImageElement > | undefinedAttributes passed to the underlying img element
minContrastRationumber | undefined10 - 21 The min contrast ratio between icon and bgHex before the fallbackHex will be used for the icon color
sizenumber | undefined42The size in px of the icon


Used when you cant statically import simple icons during built time. Calling this will use fetch to get icons for each provided slug.

slugsstring[]Slugs to fetch svgs and colors for. The return icons may be passed to renderSimpleIcon