Introducing Magic UI Pro - 50+ blocks and templates to build beautiful landing pages in minutes.



Create magical landing pages with components that you can copy and paste into your apps.

Magic UI is a collection of re-usable components that you can copy and paste into your web apps.

It primarily features components, blocks, and templates geared towards creating landing pages and user-facing marketing materials.


I personally believe that good design contributes significant value to software. It's one of the main methods of establishing trust between you and an internet stranger. Trust is important for internet businesses because it is the first thing a visitor evaluates before pulling out their credit card and becoming a customer.

Some questions visitors might ask themselves are:

  • "Is this company legit?"
  • "Who else is using it?"
  • "Can I trust them with my personal data?"

Poor design reflects poorly on your team. It comes off as lazy, unfinished, and unstable. It shows that the team doesn't care about user experience.

Good design indicates that the team behind has their shit together. I can probably expect good things from them in the future.

It makes me think "if they care so much about these tiny details, they must care a lot about other things in the company, including their customers!".

A great example of this in play is landing page which I first came across in 2020. I didn't even need to try the product but I already knew that it must be good.

This library is heavily inspired by